What is Financial Planning ?

Life is a myriad canvas of many different goals, aspirations and dreams. For most people, money is the catalyst for change; the medium that allows them an opportunity to turn dreams into reality; to fulfill several latent desires; to enhance and develop the space in one's life and to bring happiness to people who matter.

Financial Planning is the tool, which actually allows a smooth transition from youthful exuberance to mature thought, easing gently into effective money management.

How can we help you to build your financial future ?

As independent financial planners we believe in the value of personalised financial planning, backed by tactical and tailored financial advice. We achieve this by focusing unconditionally on you as our client and by delivering an outstanding journey and experience for you and all those that matter most to you. We will build your plan around you and your requirements. It is built to help provide you with clarity and understanding, giving you peace of mind that you can achieve your goals.

Your Bespoke Plan may be built on one or a number of these areas:

Investment Planning
Savings & Investment
Risk & Family
Protection Planning
Cash Flow Modeling
Retirement –
Wealth Accumulation
and Distribution Strategy
Wealth Preservation
Tax Planning
Estate and
Succession Planning

What's a CFP professional ?

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional will put your needs and interests first at all times.

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional has the knowledge, skills and experience to help you to review all of your options so you can make informed decisions about what you want from life both now and in future. They've been tested to make sure they meet rigorous international competency, ethical and professional practice standards. This means that not only will you have peace of mind regarding the technical accuracy of their advice but also the integrity that underpins it. They’ll work with you to make sure you’re in control of your finances and achieve your life goals. The best financial planning results come from working with a CFP professional. When seeking objective, expert and trusted financial planning advice you should always look for those who carry the CFP mark.

Financial Planning - Why you must plan your finances ?

Like most people, you have hopes, dreams, and life goals for yourself and your family. These might include buying a home or business, saving for college education for your children, taking a dream vacation and retiring comfortably. But the pressures and complexities of everyday life can make setting and achieving financial goals difficult. Yet, doing so is vital if you are to enjoy the benefits of a secure financial future. That's why it makes good sense to have a financial plan in place.

How Financial Planning makes a difference ?

Financial planning isn't something that strikes many people as exciting; one wouldn't imagine people feeling very enthusiastic when told that they need to sit and figure out their finances. Would you get in the car and drive for hundreds of kilometers without knowing where you were going? With no destination in mind, how will you ever know if you've arrived ?

Just as you wouldn't take a long road trip without a map, you should not go about your financial future without a financial plan. We think, wrongly, that financial planning is only for people who have lots of money to put away. The truth is everyone needs financial planning.